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You’re probably here for sex toy reviews, right? Well, I like to know a bit about whose bits are doing the reviewing, so here I am to tell you about myself. My name is Atti, as you may have gathered from the URL. I’m 25, kinky, queer, polyamorous, and perhaps most relevantly, I’m transmasculine agender. I’ve been on HRT since 2016, and have seen a good bit of bottom growth from it. Since HRT can effect things like sex drive, sensitivity, and clitoral size, I like to think I have a unique opinion and outlook on sex toys. However, I hope that my reviews will be useful to everyone. My reviews are 100% gender-free, and I make no assumptions about the gender of who will be using the product.

I want to speak openly about transmasculinity and sex. I’ve found that a lot of information about it is hidden in silence and shame. No one told me a lot of things about how my body was going to react to hormones, and I haven’t seen a lot of people talking about which sex toys are comfortable and fun for people with T-dicks. I’m here to break that silence and sweep away the shame by unabashedly loving my trans body and the sensations it can experience, and maybe help some people pick toys along the way!



Published by Atti's Attic Sex Toy Reviews

My name's Atti! 25, kinky, queer, polyamorous, transmasculine agender! Neophyte sex toy reviewer seeking to speak openly about transmasculinity and sex!

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