Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Medium

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m not nearly as big a fan of anal penetration as I am of vaginal. That’s not to say I dislike it, because I don’t, but I’m a lot pickier about what goes in my ass than I am about what goes in my cunt. Maybe it’s because my weight and limited mobility keep me from easily stretching myself out. Maybe it’s because none of my partners have ever been particularly interested in my ass. Maybe it’s just personal preference. Early in my transition, I had a period when I pretty much only did anal penetration due to dysphoria, but those days have come and gone, and today I vastly prefer using my cunt for things. Which is why it’s so weird that I absolutely love this little plug.

Disclaimer to begin with: Doc Johnson doesn’t use exclusively body-safe materials; many of their toys, especially dildos, are made out of PVC. However, the Mood Naughty line is silicone.

Dimensions (Medium)

  • 3.5″ insertable
  • 1″ wide

The Mood Naughty 1 Medium

The Mood Naughty 1 comes in three sizes. I chose medium, as the small seemed a little too small to be satisfying, at .75″ wide and 3″ insertable. The medium isn’t a huge step up, only gaining .25″, but I’m pretty sure that, were it any smaller, the plug would just slip out of me. However, for those who are absolute beginners at anal and struggle with getting a finger in, the small might be the right choice. The large comes in at 1.25″ wide and 4.5″ insertable, keeping the same increase as the small to medium, and will likely be my next butt plug purchase, since I feel I’ve quite satisfactorily conquered the medium and wish it were just a tidge larger.

These plugs are, as mentioned above, body-safe and made of silicone, and come in black or pink. I’ll be honest, I sincerely wish I’d chosen pink, but it was out of stock when I ordered my plug.

Unlike most plugs, this does not have a circular base, which is what drew me to this one, as round bases can be especially uncomfortable for fat people like me. Instead, it has two body-contoured projections at a 180* angle to each other, designed for one to go up your buttcrack and the other to go down your taint.

You can buy the Mood Naughty 1 Medium here on SheVibe for $20.99, or the entire set here for $24.99. If I were you, I’d spring for the set; I certainly wish I had.

The Good

I love this little plug. At the tip, it’s just about the same size as a finger, and it gently tapers to the full, rather modest, width, so I can take it without any lead-up stretching, just a bit of lube. It’s the perfect happy medium; large enough to provide a sensation of fullness but small enough to require absolutely no work from me. And the only thing I love more than sex toys is sex toys that don’t require me to work for my jollies. I really love using it in tandem with a dildo, or even just with my fingers; the length is such that it does rub up against my vaginal walls, which is extremely pleasurable, but doesn’t interfere whatsoever with vaginal penetration, other than giving the very pleasurable sensation of the back wall of my vagina being stimulated from either side.

In my humble opinion, one of the biggest tests for any butt plug is how well it operates when you wear it in public. And that’s where this one really excels. The base ensures that it’s more comfortable than a rounded base for continued wear. Size-wise, it’s just large enough to keep you aware that it’s there, but not large enough to make you walk funny or otherwise disclose in any way that there’s a plug inside you. I’ve had lots of fun wearing it for afternoons, shopping trips, and really any time when I needed an extra little sexy fun to make things less boring for me. This plug is absolutely my dirty little secret.

The Mediocre

The Mood Naughty has a unique design, as mentioned (and shown) above, where instead of having a circular base, it has two curved strips of silicone proceeding from the top and bottom of the plug. One is slightly thicker than the other, which can be a bit uncomfortable for me as a fat person, because on one side I have fleshy outer labia and on the other a rather meaty ass, neither of which enjoy being spread quite so wide. It’s never outright painful, though, just occasionally a bit annoying.

The Bad

When I’ve used it with people more experienced in anal than I am, it tends to slip right out, but I’m not convinced this is a flaw that can be circumvented. I don’t think the stem could be any smaller without losing integrity, so overall I don’t think this is as much a flaw as a consequence of everyone having a different perfect plug size.

The Gist of It

I’d rate the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Medium an 8.5/10, if only because I typed this about four times wavering between an 8 and a 9. It’s comfortable, though it could be a bit more comfortable if one side of the base were just a few millimeters thinner, and the perfect size for no-nonsense anal without a lot of stretching, and/or for beginners. For only $24.99 for the full set at the time I’m writing this, I’d recommend this to anyone who’s either new to anal play or doesn’t like putting a lot of effort into it.


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