Tracy’s Dog Pecker

I have been humming “Tracy’s Dog is going on my blog” since yesterday. I wish that I could say that this were a more joyous occasion. I wanted the Pecker to work so bad. But I just can’t endorse a toy that comes with as much misinformation as it does.

With an two-motor design, the Pecker has two components: a regular vibrator and a bulging motor on the end that “pulsates and stimulates your happiness points just like a woodpecker pecking the wood.” I couldn’t make up some of the ad copy they use, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t enjoy it. The vibrations from the vibrator portion are buzzy, but the “pecker” part physically hammered my g-spot like a persistent lover’s fingers. It was pretty damn loud while in use; still, I didn’t really care because of how pleasurable the sensation is. Despite the fact that it is pretty thin, i felt like I’d gotten fucked.

I also tried it on my dick, which…pretty much no effect except for the weaker, buzzy vibrations. I tried it on my nipples; same story. I would have tried it up my ass, especially with how thin it is, but the base is not nearly flared enough for that to be safe, despite it being advertised as an anal toy.

And then I got it wet.

The Pecker is advertised as 100% waterproof, but the charging port looked surprisingly exposed for a waterproof toy, so I dunked it in a full sink to see what happened. Immediately the difficulties started. It started refusing to turn off, instead only cycling through the vibration patterns. Then either the “pecker” or the vibrator began refusing to turn on. Once it dried out overnight, it began working again, but saying a toy is waterproof when it isn’t can be dangerous, especially with such an exposed charging port.

I did flame test the Pecker, and it appears to actually be silicone. Which I suppose is a point in its advantage, but the other dangerous portions of the description are just too much to ignore, regardless of how much I enjoyed the toy. I also find it kind of hilarious that it can handle fire but not water, despite the fact that it will only interact with the other one of those on a regular basis as a sex toy.

This toy is not waterproof or anal-safe, regardless of what’s advertised.

I just can’t advocate buying a toy with this much misinformation about it, especially information that could be genuinely dangerous if someone, say, tries to shove it up their ass and gets it lost, or takes it in the bath and it decides to shock them. I instead recommend purchasing a Lovense Osci or Osci 2, which have the same type of stimulation, are by a brand I trust, and are currently on sale for $49 and $99 respectively. The Osci seems to be the original toy of this type, and the Pecker is only a highly questionable imitation.

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My name's Atti! 25, kinky, queer, polyamorous, transmasculine agender! Neophyte sex toy reviewer seeking to speak openly about transmasculinity and sex!

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