Lovense Domi 2

I have returned from this review a different person, one a few dozen orgasms richer. I’ve had my eye on getting something Lovense since before the Domi line was out at all, much less onto Domi 2. When I happened to have $99 extra just as it went on sale for the same amount, I took it as a sign that it was meant to be mine.

I waited eagerly for the Domi 2 until it got here, only 4 days after I ordered it. It arrived in a small, discreet package that was clearly made especially for the toy’s box. It was a little detail that I appreciated probably too much; I hate wasteful packaging.

When I opened up the outer box, I noted that the inner box was nice and sturdy. Upon opening that, I saw that the Domi 2 was neatly, securely packed in expensive-feeling foam. This is my first luxury toy, so I was a bit overwhelmed at how expensive everything felt.

This wand is smaller than other wands, with a head less than 2″ wide, so if you like having your whole vulva rumbled, this might not be the choice for you. If you like more direct stimulation, though, I honestly can’t recommend the Domi enough.

There are several methods of vibration control, including two different versions of a remote (a traditional slider and one where you move your finger to control it, and can loop or plateau each change you make), music controlled, four patterns made by the company, practically infinite patterns by other users, your own patterns, noise controlled (which I imagine is most fun when you go out with a Lovense Hush plug or Lush egg in; less applicable here), and, of course, long distance. Okay, so there’s a lot of methods of vibration control.

I didn’t get a chance to try the long-distance control, but I’m hopeful to get to in the future! It seems like a lot of fun!

You can buy the Domi 2 here on Lovense’s website, where it’s currently on sale for $99.

Domi by Lovense mini wand is sturdy, smooth, well-built, wireless and super powerful.


  • 9.29″ long
  • 1.74″ head width
  • Splash-resistant but not waterproof
  • 5-6 hour battery life (wow!)
  • 2.6 hour charging time
  • Three in-programmed vibration strengths, which can be adjusted
  • Can be programmed with up to 10 patterns
  • Has fun features for camming, like tip-based vibrations
  • Can be controlled from compatible devices from either across the room or across the world with the Lovense apps

Bluetooth Compatibility

  • iOS 9.0 and later
  • Android 4.3 and later
  • Mac
  • Windows PC (with adapter at additional cost)

The Good

The Domi 2 looks expensive, and is made out of quality, expensive-feeling materials. It’s pleasantly heavy, and easy to use. It’s made of quality materials, and I didn’t realize the difference even the feel of a luxury vibrator would make.

And then I turned it on. For context, the second of the three strengths was about as strong as my Mystic Wand on high with fresh batteries. This thing has power. The high setting is absolute earthshattering, orgasm-inducing, overstimulating bliss. It’s the strongest vibrator I’ve ever used.

And here’s where things get fun. The customizability. You can play around with the settings on it to an incredible degree. I’m in love with the easy-to-use phone app that lets you control the strength of your vibrations incredibly precisely. The default patterns were okay, but it also lets you use user-generated patterns that rocked my world.

And here’s the most fun part. If you’re in a long distance relationship, all your lover has to do is also download the app, and once you add them as a friend and grant them control of your vibrator, you’re at their mercy from however far across the country or even world they may be! There’s also a separate app with features for camming, where you can do things such as set up games and tip-based vibrations.

The Bad

Lower settings have quite a bit of vibration radiating into the handle. It gets a lot better as the power goes up, but it’s still annoying.

It’s a bit annoying that a Windows adapter costs extra. This is not a cheap vibrator, and I don’t want to have to pay extra just to hook it up to my computer.

The control panel was hard for me to feel and operate with sweaty fingers (listen, this thing had me panting like I’d run a marathon), and I would imagine could be an accessibility concern. This is mitigated by how easy it is to control with the phone app, but is still a bit of an issue!

The Mediocre

The material of the wand’s handle is incredibly prone to fingerprints from fingers’ natural oils. It’s comfortable to hold, and it feels expensive, but I hate the look of fingerprints all over it.

The music controlled vibration was just meh as a feature IMHO, though it was pretty fun to orgasm to Mr. Brightside…once. I probably won’t use it again. It did what it was designed to do, and for music nerds, I imagine it could be a lot of fun; I just prefer strength over variation.

The Gist of It

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Lovense Domi 2 gets rated a 9/10. Points were deducted for the vibrating handle, hard-to-use buttons, and for only being splashproof, not waterproof, but points were given for the extremely customizable Bluetooth options, the ridiculously strong vibrations, and the general expensive feel. I highly recommend it if you’ve got 99 bucks to burn!

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