Atti’s Attic Sex Toy Reviews – 100% Gender-Free

Hi! My name’s Atti; welcome to my review blog. I’m 25 and a raging queer. I’m polyamorous, currently with four partners. I am also transmasculine agender, which means I have a bit of a unique perspective on sex toys! I’ve been on HRT since 2016, and have seen a fair bit of bottom growth, so I have a good perspective on what should feel good to those with T-dicks or larger clits!

I’m here to lift the silence and shame that tend to pool around issues of transmasculinity and sex. It’s always casually mentioned that testosterone will up your sex drive, but any discussion of sexuality after that happens in whispers. I’m proud of my body and the pleasure it brings me, and I don’t intend to whisper ever again.

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