Tracy’s Dog Pecker

I have been humming “Tracy’s Dog is going on my blog” since yesterday. I wish that I could say that this were a more joyous occasion. I wanted the Pecker to work so bad. But I just can’t endorse a toy that comes with as much misinformation as it does. With an two-motor design, theContinue reading “Tracy’s Dog Pecker”

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Medium

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m not nearly as big a fan of anal penetration as I am of vaginal. That’s not to say I dislike it, because I don’t, but I’m a lot pickier about what goes in my ass than I am about what goes in my cunt. Maybe it’s because my weight andContinue reading “Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Medium”

Pure Love Rainbow Dildo

I have a bit of a love affair with dildos. I had a giant collection that was, heartbreakingly, lost about three moves ago (I moved around a lot before I moved in with a partner), and have ever since been in deep mourning. But I’ve recently made my peace with moving on from my pastContinue reading “Pure Love Rainbow Dildo”